first week of school

On my first day as a junior in White Oak High School was pretty simple. We just went from class to class learning the rules of each classroom and what the lessons would mainly be about. For the most part it was alright but then there were a few classes I just wasn’t sure about. As the week progressed we started into the lessons slowly but surely and I realized I might make it through this year. At first they all seem difficult every year but as the year goes by I normally adjust to it and it seems pretty simple. Another thing we did was find out what supplies we needed for each class and set up folders and binders for everything just getting organized. This year will probably be fun and fly by but I’m ready for summer again.

digital citizenship

1) Some of them were accurate to me, but others seemed pretty far off.  All of the numbers seemed high to me though.

2) Most of the time it’s fun and I enjoy it, but it has low spots sometimes so it’s like a roller coaster with ups and downs.

3) A downside is weird people that send you messages. The upside for the most part is seeing what’s happening in family members lives, although sometimes that can be a downside if things aren’t good. another upside is seeing how old friends are doing if you have moved.

4) What you post online today can effect you tomorrow, or a few years from now. If you are competing for a position at a new job it would really help to have nothing but positive activity on your blogs and pages. It also matters what other people post on there not just you so having a good choice of friends that are mature and have respect is very helpful.

Por y para glogster project

On my Por y Para project, I wrote 3 sentences for por, using 3 different rules. Then I wrote 3 sentences using 3 different para rules. Then for each sentence I uploaded a picture of that activity or something along the lines of the activity. The project was fun because you could create a page and show what you like and what you are interested in.

Mi amigo Adrian

A mi amigo Adrian le gusta a jugar al fútbol a veces. 

A Adrian le gusta matar animales salvages el fin de semana.

A Adrian le gusta también montar motos de cross con su amigos siempre.

A Adrian le encanta jugar defensa en fútbol americano los jueves.

A Adrian le gusta hacer denero todo el tiempo.

 A Adrian le disgusta a hacer daño.

A Adrian le disgusta perder denero.

A Adrian le disguasta perder.




Mis Gustos

In spanish 2, we did a gustar project where we had an introduction then 7 sentences saying what we like and dislike to do and  with our family and friends then had a closing sentence. We had to write the sentence on the ipad, put a picture in the slide, then record us saying it for a slide show. It was fun and I thought I did good on it so I liked it. Then i saw my grade and didnt like it as much. It was pretty difficult.


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